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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Find Out If He Loves You

1. Ask him about something he couldn't live without and why?
-it doesn't matter what reason he says, but if he answers he couldn't live ithout YOU, the he's actually just playing around with you..

2. Ask him the worst advice he's ever taken
- he truly loves you if he says anything besides "when my bestfriend told me to break up with you"

3.Ask him the best advice he's ever get
-he lies if he tells you " the best advice is when you tell me that i have to spend more time for you and care about you more that anyone else does"

4. Ask him the worst lie he ever told
-he's a jerk if he says "when i say i don't love you anymore"

5. Last one, ask him the hardest lesson he's had to learn

-just slap him and leave him alone if he says " the hardest is when i was trying to get your attention and then asked you out" that is a LIE, trust me..

remember girls, there's only three types of boy

JK!!! ...LOL


  1. wah, kalo ada orang yang memenuhi 5 poin di atas berarti udah penggombal sejati dong :D :D :D

  2. sudah pernah dipraktekkan ma temenku kok...

    aneh aja feel-nya...