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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Forever and Always

Seumur-umur baru sadar kalo dua kata ini beda banget, tapi apa bedanya? Gatau deh.. Kayaknya selama ini pengertianku fine – fine aja sampai ada sudut pandang lain yang berkata “orang itu gak selamanya …”
 “lho? Bukannya harusnya selalu ya?” kataku. “kan kalo selamanya itu berarti udah berakhir.”
 Sampai sekarang belum ketemu mana yang bener, hehe, emang gak penting soalnya.
 Menurut Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, ada tiga pengertian buat njelasin ‘forever’
 For all time
  Very often
  For an extremely long time or too much time

 ‘Selamanya’ berati kita udah tau semuanya yang terjadi dalam kurun waktu tertentu. Haha..tapi kenapa selamanya juga bisa berati very often, contohnya: she’s forever telling him she’s going to leave him, but she never does.
 Always, ada yang bilang itu berasal dari all + ways = always…tapi kalo diartikan per kata gak nyambung. Sumber yang sama, ada tiga pengertian juga,
 Every time
  All the time

 Kenapa ada forever di always, tapi gak ada always di forever? Tuh kan…ribet!  

 ‘Selalu’ itu berarti masih berlanjut, contohnya: I’ll always remember you atau I’ve always liked him. Tapi sama aja, konteksnya beda.
 “forever itu beda sama always” kataku.
 Sialnya kamu bilang, ”bahasa indonesia itu beda sama bahasa inggris”
 Arrrrggghhh! Tuh kan! Penyiksaan pikiran nih namanya... gimana ya njelasinnya? 

 Karena kamu bilang gitu, akhirnya aku mencari..hehe. Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia menyatakan,
  senantiasa; selamanya; 
  sering; terus-menerus; tidak pernah tidak


 TADAAA!!!...hasilnya beda... Ada selamanya di selalu dan ada selalu di selamanya. 
 Mana yang bener? Sebenarnya gak masalah, semua sama; mungkin kamu emang bener; tiap bahasa maksudnya beda- beda. Tapi setidaknya ada pengertian spesifiknya.

Bedain dua orang yang bilang,
”I love you forever.”
”Aku cinta kamu selamanya”
Apa dua kalimat tersebut maksudnya sama? Arrrggghhh, bingunggg..

Coba bandingin lagi!
”I always love you”
”Aku selalu cinta kamu”

 Entah sama atau enggak, sudut pandang orang beda – beda, mungkin orang lebih milih ’selamanya’ karena pendirian dan keyakinan yang kuat, atau mungkin dia pilih ’selalu’ karena ingin menikmati jalannya perasaan. Seperti dua hal yang gak bisa dipisahkan (tapi aku gatau contohnya) ’selamanya’ dan ’selalu’ akan saling berkaitan. Kamu bisa jadi ’selamanya’ aku jadi ’selalu’ atau sebaliknya...haha...karena yang paling adil adalah bilang, 

”I’ll love you forever and always”

Bitter End...

High School Chemistry Class, long time ago…
 “this is the general structure of peptide bond, where it also has amine group …” the teacher kept mumbling in front of the class as if everybody knew what she was talking about. Yeah, right! I had been listening for hours and all I could hear was just general structure and group.
 blah, blah, blah … she kept talking and talking, it’s frustrating me knowing that I got nothing from whatever she said. I bravely raised my hand, and she noticed.
 “yes?” she said
 “I have a question, do we get to see what it looks like?” I said firmly.
 “the what?” she asked again
 “whatever it is you’re talking about,” I said. “I mean, you keep talking about the bonds and groups, I’m just curious, does it really look like that?”
 “no, of course not. I only made this scheme so that you can understand it better,” she said.
 I could feel everyone’s eye on me as if I was the stupidest kid in the whole world, “I don’t see how the scheme made it understandable.”
 Then, I saw flames rooted on her eyes, “well, you shouldn’t imagine it exactly like that,” she answered. “we can’t really see the structure, we can just imagine.”
 “so, what you’ve been doing this whole time is telling us how to imagine a structure?” I asked again.
 “understand it! To be exact, “she said.
 Well, what do you know of teacher like that! “what’s the point of learning stuff if we can’t really see what it looks like.”
 The next thing I knew, I was arguing with that teacher who I’m considered as a witch in this class, I couldn’t see why she’s the favorite chemistry teacher, I never picked her!
 “yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah,” she kept telling me how stupid and incompetent I was. 
 “you know what, I think you should learn more by yourself, others need to finish this subject,” she finally said.
 Did she just ‘indirectly’ ask me to get out of the class? Perhaps the right statement in SHE KICKED ME OUT OF THE CLASS! Her furious tone sickened me, so I rose from the chair and headed to the door. Bye, my ‘lovely’ chemistry class…oh please, like I’m gonna miss it, no way!
 See my point? Wanna be a good teacher? Do not KICK OUT a curious and incompetent student!