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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bedtime Story

Monday,May, 25th 2009
I just read this book called "the voice of the master" it was wonderful. This was actually the first book that actually woke me up from all the things that I've done. It felt like it was pulling me away from the world where I used to live in, really showing me how life's so full of lies, betrayal, love, and so many things that make it so difficult for us to go on. I finished this book in one night, and it was a new thing for me. Kahlil Gibran is now one of my favorite writers.through this book, he really taught me how to be a good reader, well, I haven't been a very good reader lately. he really inspired me. How in the world he could write something so ecsotic and original, in some what mysterious too. I wonder how did he do his research about this book, or perhaps he didn't do any of it. Maybe he had his own thought about the arrangement of the world. if I had a chance to meet Kahlil Gibran, I would take that opportunity. I'm gonna have to do some hunting on this kinda book. My second dad, Joe once gave me "a book of evolution" which I haven't read. I meant to read it tonight but, since it's really late and I have a test tomorrow, I might have to pass, plus I couldn't find the bag where I put that book either. But it's no big deal right now.
World is not that complicated. We as human are the ones who make it so hard to live in. Life is like a passion of a woman, that's what the book says. The master in this book are on his way to Venice, leaving his immaginary lover behind, he looked up to the sky, feel sorry for her. But then he saw her, up above him. She was smilling and told him to go down to the deck and get some sleep, dream about her. So, he did. deep down in his sleep, he dreamt about her, sitting together at the table accompanied by one candle in the center of the round table. When he got to Venice, something weird and unpleasant happened to him. He's gonna spend his night at the Governor's house. They didn't welcome him very well, he was pissed. Everything seemed so sad, turned out the little princess in the house has passed away just before the master showed up. When the master looked at the pale lifeless body who was lying on his bed, he felt something sharp in his heart, like there's a long dagger stabbed through his chest. It was his imaginary lover lying soulless in front of him.

The rest is ... well, it's in the book.

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  1. waah, kayak judul film .. ada kan : bedtime storiy