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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Broken System Pisses Me Off!

I don't understand why I have to think about it! This thing pisses me off!
I'm telling you, the school system is broken! Stop trying to be Western if we can stay Eastern! I mean, please, moving class? We have one building which has 3 floors, and one building with 2 floors, everyday we move back and forth, back and forth! Does anybody care about our legs? Plus, no locker! What is that all about? Do you expect us to crack our shoulders by carrying all those freaking thick books? Those books are heavy, I'm telling you. If you want this moving class program works, start putting some lockers in the hallway, or maybe limit the building space of each grade so we don't have to go back and forth anymore! One more thing, teachers should stay in the classes where they belong to so it won't be so hard to find them. I'm sorry for saying all the bad things about the school system, but hey, guess what! That's the truth!
Another thing that kills me is why do you have to split us into science class and social class? The worst thing is, you're not fair about it. I'm sorry for being such a jerky hypocritical but you seem to love science class better than social.
Excuse me for being rude but social study is as important as science, and some people think social class in a wrong way. There's nothing wrong about being in a social class! You know what, for telling you the truth, social life look at the reality of life, teach us how to face this stupid life, this whole freaking thing about life that we always whine about.
Well, for people who read this, you may think that I'm in the social class, well, I'm not. It's not like I'm a backstabber or something, I'm just trying to make myself better. Sometimes, I feel like I'm in the wrong environment, like I don't trust myself in science and to tell you the truth, I struggle a lot at it, no matter how hard I tried. I hate it! It sucks!
I don't need physic, chemistry to get what I want. I feel like the school system has robbed my creativity and my passion and that's a REAL CRIME!
Why don't you just put the big sign of 'LOSER FARM' in front of the school and be done with it?
Sorry if I'm such a lousey critical, I was just having my bad day!
Dang it!!!

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