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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ugly Duckling

Oh, the dearest ugly duckling,
What is it like?
Can you heal your own pain?
Everytime they're staring at you,
Everytime they think that they're better

Oh, ugly duckling,
What is it you can't face?
Are you really on your own?
Is it that bad to have nobody?
My dearest ugly duckling,
Who's you best friend?
Loneliness? Or sorrow?

Wake up!
Smell the coffee!
For one so hideous you seem so beautiful,

My glassy eyes in this bore world.
The scariest look ever,
everytime I look into the water,
Ruining all the vision in my mind.

Wreckless smile from the coldest heart,
Last longer than my breath,
The only laughter I've evr heard,
doesn't even come from here.

These feet were heading through puddles,
The puddles as dark as my feather,
so I can hide myself.
Running free from reality,
picturing myself as a swan.
Gracefully marching in my serendipity,
Lifting my chin up to the moon

No one needs to see,
whatever it is inside me.
No matter how pure
No matter how bright
They seen so satisfy,
and sick
of what they have seen outside

Drops of destiny,
sway my wings of fantasy,
praying in every piece of my feather
Hoping in every teardrop on my cheek

Beauty is always hiding,
beneath this dark feather,
and sorrow eyes
Cold feet and frozen beak
Everlasing regret on your face.

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