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Friday, July 22, 2011

Figure Out Why You Did It!

Why do I ...

1. Walk like a guy, not graceful or appealing?

I'm not gonna change the way I walk. Because it's the only thing Grandma left for me.

2. Sneeze after meal?

That's genetic. Dad does that too..

3. Always talk out loud?

Idk. I just do.. You should see Dad talks...whoa...he's loud. Well, I guess it's another genetic thing.

4. Have a funny laugh?

To make other people laugh too, even if they don't really know what so funny.. at least I don't laugh alone.

5. Watch movies over and over?

I'm trying to memorize the lines, trust me, it'll be more fun if you know all the lines.

6. Cry with no reason?

If you see me do this, well, I'm going through my PMS.

7. Listen to rock music?

It's the only way I can scream without actually screaming...weird... I know. SUM 41 rocks! People who can stand rock music are immune to headache...yeah right!

8. Carry notebook all the time?

I have problem expressing thing, every time I can't say it, I'll write it down and let people read it.

9. Look mean?

I'm only mean if I have to. I'm pretty tough, thats all..

10. Laugh when I cry?

So I can save my self. When I'm crying, I feel as if I was falling down the cliff, but when I laugh, I'm grabbing a tree branch near by so I can pull myself up. That's why I laugh when I cry.


  1. at least.. let me know why'd u always wearing girl-like costume? don't u ever realize that u'r A MAN???? :P

  2. 11. Wearing girl-like costume?

    Because I'M A GIRL....!!!!!

  3. so why did you do all ten things up above? is it allright to do it anytime? like, if you always listening to rock music, then someday you will have a problem with your hearing. if you always talk out loud, then if anybody with a very good hearing would get unpleased,what you gonna do bout that?